Our Peanut-free Journey

Life with a peanut allergic son.

Peanut Allergic Tween — July 1, 2015

Peanut Allergic Tween

Here we are, a 12-year-old boy with a peanut allergy. Not much has changed in regards to Alex’s allergy but we have had to implement some new safeguards now that he is on his own more. 

Hanging out with friends has become a lot more important and as such, he is on his own more. We outfitted his bike with a pouch in the front. It is small but it holds his Epi-pens and his cell phone. (More on that in a second.) When he gets to his friend’s house he makes sure to bring his med pouch (we use this case for now) and cell phone with him. 

I was so on the fence about getting him a cell phone but in the end it was the only thing that made sense. He is able to keep in contact with me and his friend’s would be able to call me in case of an emergency. 

So that is where we are right now. Still allergic. Still being cautious. Take care!

Auvi-Q — March 24, 2013


Auvi-Q, my new hero. Seriously. As my son approaches the teenage years, I am struggling with what will happen when he is off on his own with his friends. He’s not a girl, he doesn’t have a purse. He’s a boy. A very forgetful boy. Until recently I was the one who carried his epi-pens and he didn’t have to remember anything. Then he joined an art club. A 90-minute art club. Since he needed his epi-pens with him he carried a small drawstring backpack. Great for a kid who was sitting in class and not really doing much. But what about when he starts riding his bike everywhere? I worried about this stuff.

Enter Auvi-Q, a credit card sized epinephrine injector. Perfect for the pocket of a teenage boy. I am going to talk to his allergist and get her opinion but from what I can see, Auvi-Q is the answer to my prayers.

One of the best parts is the audible instruction that comes with it. Now it’s even easier for someone to help our kids when they need it most. However, like everything that is electronic, I feel that this could some day be defective and I hope that the actual injection would still work, should that happen.

So check it out and let me know what you think!!

Journey Number 1 — May 17, 2009

Journey Number 1

The kindergarten journey is almost over. We have had a good year and I am very much looking forward to next year. However, next year brings a whole new set of issues to the table. For instance:

  1. How far away will the first-grade classroom be from the nurse’s office?
  2. Will the epi-pens be allowed in the classroom?
  3. How is lunch going to be handled?
  4. Will there be a peanut-free table or a peanut-free section of a table?
  5. Will there be snacktime?
  6. What in the world am I going to make this child for lunch every day????

Hopefully we can get most of these questions answered a few weeks before school starts on August 30. Looking forward to having my boy home for the summer!!

Happy tears or sad tears? — December 23, 2008

Happy tears or sad tears?

I got the phone call today that my 18-month-old daughter is not allergic to peanuts. Yay right? Wrong. Since I got the phone call that Isabelle is not allergic, I can’t stop crying. I don’t know if it’s tears because I’m happy or tears because my daughter can lead a normal life but my son can’t. Just typing those words made me cry more so I’m going to guess it’s the latter. Although I am completely and utterly ecstatic that Isabelle is not allergic, it hurts me so much to think that Alex is. I have felt guilty ever since this whole testing thing started that I was wishing and praying for her to be clear of this allergy. Now that she is I feel terrible that Alex isn’t. I know this will pass and eventually we will get back to our regularly scheduled lives but right now I’m conflicted. Joy and pain all at the same time.

Awesome Giveaway! — June 5, 2008
Emily — April 3, 2008


There is a blog I read called “not that you asked” and is written by a woman named Emily. She is hysterical and I love reading her blog. This week however her entry was not so funny. She wrote a post about her friends whose daughter was just diagnosed with a very, very rare, very aggressive form of cancer. This family has a lot to face in the future and I urge anyone to go to this link and read what Emily has to say about her friends.


The Ultimate Blog Party – Party post. — March 11, 2008

The Ultimate Blog Party – Party post.

There’s a great site called 5 Minutes for Mom and they are hosting one fantastic party! Click in the button at the right to check it out.

So here’s my party post. My name is Amy and I am mommy to two beautiful kids. My son Alex just turned 5 and my daughter Isabelle will be 1 at  the end of May. I have been married to my wonderful husband Ben for 8.5 years. The reason for this blog is my son’s allergy to peanuts and starting his school years.

 A little more about me: I’m a SAHM, I love photography and am thinking of taking some classes so I can get better, I used to be a volunteer firefighter before having kids (my husband still is), and I have recently discovered the joy of digital scrapbooking.

  •  Prizes I was interested in:
  • 117 – $25 Target card – Target is just my favorite place. Thanks to the very funny Mommy Bytes for the opportunity for such a great prize.
  • 8 – 50 Nights of Family Fun, what could be better than that! Thanks to Essential Family Living for this opportunity!
  • 137 – Who doesn’t want to keep their kids safe? The Soft Landing is giving away awesome BPA-free sippy cups. So cool!
  • 19
  • 28
  • 60
  • 91
  • 100

Now, enjoy the party, my favorite YouTube video and good luck!