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Acting Camp – First non-school experience. — June 27, 2011

Acting Camp – First non-school experience.

Update – Camp went really well and thankfully there were no issues. My boy is growing up. *sniff*


Alex is at an acting camp this week. He will be there for 3.5 hours Mon-Thurs and then from 9-4:30pm on Friday. This is the first time Alex is in charge of his epi-pens on his own. The first time he is in charge of giving himself an injection if the situation warrants. This is scary stuff for him and for his momma. We went over the use of  his epi-pen yesterday and today using the trainer. He already knew the basics but we wanted to be sure he was ok with the actual action. He did well. This morning I went over the things he needed to look out for in case of a reaction. Things like his tongue feeling larger, his mouth/tongue tingling, difficulty breathing and feeling as though his throat was constricting. This all scared him but I told him he had to be prepared for anything.

At first he was a little too nonchalant for my taste. “I never had a problem in school” he told me. I explained that he had to be prepared in case he touched someone who had peanut butter residue on their hands. It is acting camp so who knows what kinds of things they’ll be doing. Shaking hands is very possible. Now that I think of it I probably should have sent some baby wipes with him. Mental note for tomorrow.

So, this is a first for us. I am hoping that 8-years-old isn’t too young for this. I know he has to get used to it at some point but he’s still my baby and I worry. A lot.