Here we are, a 12-year-old boy with a peanut allergy. Not much has changed in regards to Alex’s allergy but we have had to implement some new safeguards now that he is on his own more. 

Hanging out with friends has become a lot more important and as such, he is on his own more. We outfitted his bike with a pouch in the front. It is small but it holds his Epi-pens and his cell phone. (More on that in a second.) When he gets to his friend’s house he makes sure to bring his med pouch (we use this case for now) and cell phone with him. 

I was so on the fence about getting him a cell phone but in the end it was the only thing that made sense. He is able to keep in contact with me and his friend’s would be able to call me in case of an emergency. 

So that is where we are right now. Still allergic. Still being cautious. Take care!