Auvi-Q, my new hero. Seriously. As my son approaches the teenage years, I am struggling with what will happen when he is off on his own with his friends. He’s not a girl, he doesn’t have a purse. He’s a boy. A very forgetful boy. Until recently I was the one who carried his epi-pens and he didn’t have to remember anything. Then he joined an art club. A 90-minute art club. Since he needed his epi-pens with him he carried a small drawstring backpack. Great for a kid who was sitting in class and not really doing much. But what about when he starts riding his bike everywhere? I worried about this stuff.

Enter Auvi-Q, a credit card sized epinephrine injector. Perfect for the pocket of a teenage boy. I am going to talk to his allergist and get her opinion but from what I can see, Auvi-Q is the answer to my prayers.

One of the best parts is the audible instruction that comes with it. Now it’s even easier for someone to help our kids when they need it most. However, like everything that is electronic, I feel that this could some day be defective and I hope that the actual injection would still work, should that happen.

So check it out and let me know what you think!!