It started last week with Halloween. The weeks and weeks of holiday food.

What’s a food allergy mom to do? Read, read, read. Labels that is.

What products do I feel are safe? Below is a list. It may be small but when all you need is a little Christmas normalcy it works!

•Ghirardelli chocolate chips in milk chocolate (sinful!) or semisweet
•Hershey’s chocolate chips in milk chocolate, semisweet, or mini chips
•Cake Mate sprinkles – just the sugar, jimmies, and little balls
•Cake Mate icing
•Betty Crocker icing in a tub

Again, this list is small but it’s all we need to have some yummy Christmas treats.

Please, remember to always read labels. What I have listed above works for us. It may not be in the comfort zone of your family.

Happy holidays!