We went to Disney again last month. Even though it was two years ago that we last went, the story is still pretty much the same. The restaurants are very mindful of food allergies. If your only allergy is peanuts it’s super easy. There is hardly anything at all with peanuts in most of the large restaurants. Some places do serve pb&j but it was the Uncrustables so there wasn’t much chance of x-contamination.

The Nestle ice cream bars that are made specifically for Disney and are on literally every corner, in every park, are still safe to eat. Much to the elation of my kids! They had one at every park. Four ice creams in five days. Yum!

The Guest Services has a packet of papers that you can read to see what restaurants have what allergy issues. While this is a great thing to have, it is a little difficult to understand. They have all four parks listed and sometimes things are in different parks and well, it was confusing. However, we told the chefs at each place that we had a peanut allergy and they were very helpful.

The only issue we had was leaving our backpack in the stroller. I tried to keep it with me at all times but sometimes with a certain ride it wasn’t feasible. The problem with this is that it is where we kept the epi-pens. I was worried someone would steal our backpack.  I finally had my husband keep an epi-pen in his jeans so that we would always have one with us. Turns out we did have something stolen from us but it wasn’t the backpack.  Someone stole our newly bought ornaments from under the stroller. We decided to do one last ride and while we were in line or on the ride they stole our ornaments. It happens.

All in all, a wonderful, and practically worry-free vacation. It’s awesome!!