When we visited the allergist last month, she mentioned that Pennsylvania is working on getting a law passed that will allow students to carry their epi-on their person. As of now schools can make the decision for us as to where our children’s epi-pens are stored. While I get that kids in kindergarten, first-grade, maybe even second-grade should not be allowed to carry their epi-pens I believe the children in the upper grades should be allowed. If you are able to do the epi-pen yourself, you should be allowed to carry it. My son is going into 3rd grade next fall. I don’t know if the law will be passed by then or not. If not, he will be fairly far away from the nurse’s office and that makes me very uncomfortable. Up until now he was right down the hall from the office. Granted, this year it was as far down the hall as he could be, but close enough that I felt comfortable with it.

My hope is that even if the law isn’t passed, the new principal (yes, I have to start over with a new principal this year) will call our allergist and find out what this new law entails. If our kids can’t outgrow this allergy then we need to do our best to advocate for their safety.