At what age can we expect that our children can self-administer their Epi-pen? My son will be 8 on February 2. He understands that the Epi-pen goes into his leg and that it must be held there for 10 seconds. But does he truly understand what is going on? Do I need him to truly understand? In November his class had to do a picture and description of what they were thankful for. My son, sweet boy that he is, said he was thankful for his family because if he has a reaction to peanuts they will “save” him. Something to that effect. He then drew a picture of me giving him the Epi-pen in his leg. It actually chokes me up to think about it. My poor boy, having to think that his family may some day have to save him.

When he sees the allergist in April I’m going to see what her opinions are on maturity level. I’m sure it depends on the child but there must be some ballpark age that kids “get it”.  What do you think?