Most of the time anyway. This school year is flying by quickly. I’d like to see it has been flawless but we have had a couple bumps along the way. The two biggest ones involved lunch. My biggest fear.

1. One day Alex’s class was going to have a pizza party. I mistakenly assumed that was their lunch. I know, we should never assume something but it was pizza! Anyway, the principal called saying Alex didn’t have a lunch and wanted to know what he could have from the a-la-carte items. As we talked she informed me that they have a lunch that is cheese stick, fruit, yogurt and juice box. Fantastic! He’ll take that.

About two weeks later we were really scrounging for lunch and I asked Alex if he wanted to buy the cheese stick lunch, he did. When I asked him that night how he liked his meal he said it was good and he even got a roll and mashed potatoes. What? I guess because the principal walked him throught he lunch line the first time she only let him get the things I mentioned. I explained to him that he can only get what was in the first meal and then we decided it was just better to pack every day.

2. He has his own table in the cafeteria. It’s a small table and no one sits there at any other lunch. His teacher is kind enough to check lunches and see if any children have peanuts in their lunch, if they don’t then they can sit with Alex. Thankfully there are plenty of kids who want to sit with my little man so he has never eaten alone.  One day he was with two of his good buddies and popsicles were given out at lunch. The cafeteria lady (she walks around and helps kids open things etc.) looked at the popsicle and told Alex he could have it. Now I’m sure she read the ingredients but since there is no law for “may contains” I don’t know for sure that it was safe. He had no problems so it was fine but I had to explain to Alex, again, that he can’t eat anything at school that I haven’t said is ok. His teacher buys their snacks off the list I provided so I know that snack time is ok but I never thought the cafeteria lady would let Alex eat something. I explained the best that I could that sometimes adults mean well but it isn’t always safe. Ugh.

Hopefully the rest of the year will go without incident. This journey can be exhausting sometimes! 😉