So Alex has been in public school now for a week and a half. He is really enjoying spending time with the kids. It takes some prodding but I can usually figure out what he did during his time at school. I feel comfortable with the precautions the school is taking this year. We have a plan of action in place, there was a letter sent home to all kindergartners and then a letter sent home to the whole school letting parents know there is a child with a life-threatening peanut allergy attending. His classroom is peanut-free and all snacks must be from a pre-approved list that I made.  Even birthday treats must come from the list.

I think the fact that I had tried homeschooling really made the school administrators realize how terrified I was of sending him to school. Thus they took every precaution they could without making the entire school peanut-free. I’m happy about that. Alex needs to know where he can and can’t make adjustments.

So things are going well. The only thing that I was surprised to hear Alex tell me was that he was excited that he didn’t have to eat a different snack than everyone else. He was beaming when he told me that they all got the same snack. My sweet boy. I never thought he minded having a different snack in preschool, I guess he did but never said anything. It breaks my heart to think about him hurting. At least now he’s happy.