We went out to dinner on Sunday night and had some errands to run before eating. I completely forgot to bring food for Alex so I was taking a chance that there would be something on the menu for him to eat. I told the waitress right away about his peanut allergy and she went back to the kitchen to get some information. I was very happy to hear that they do not use peanut oil or have peanut products of any kind in the kitchen. They did however have pine nuts, but truthfully, that did not bother me. He was able to get spaghetti and meatball (just one, Lol) with no worries. Just because he could have it though did not mean he ate it. Lol. The boy just doesn’t like eating anymore.

So, there you have it, another great dining experience for us. I know this would be out of the comfort zone of many parents but for us, it was great.