I just found the paper that had Alex’s RAST scores written down and I decided to document it here so that I can keep it for future use. I know that these numbers basically don’t tell me anything and that anaphylaxis can happen regardless of your class but it is still a bummer that his lowest score was his second year. It really surprises me because he ate may contains at that time without me even knowing it. I wasn’t as educated in the beginning and he ate things then that I would not let him have now. Funny that his second score was the lowest. So here they are:

  • October 2004 – 3.63 Class 3
  • October 2005 – 1.09 Class 2
  • February 2007 – 2.63 Class 2
  • June 2008 – 3.81 Class 3
  • December 2008 – Wheal 15mm
  • April 2010 – Wheal 12mm