It went well. I was very nervous at first but this mom has her own epi-pen for an allergy, however she’s never had to use it. After a brief tutorial and when to use the second epi etc., it was time for Isabelle and I to head home. Thankfully we only live a four-minute drive from the little girl’s house. The only problem was that the little girl Alex went to visit had eaten peanuts in her bedroom the night before. The mom vacuumed very well and I felt ok with it. I got a call twice for food questions, one about chocolate milk which he could have and one about popsicles that he couldn’t have.

It was nice to have time to myself at home while Isabelle napped but it was still very nerve wracking. I jumped every time the phone rang.

For our first experience it went well. Obviously I much prefer Alex to have his playdates here at the house but that isn’t always going to be the case. He will want to try new things and as a mom I have to protect him but at the same time let him go. It is so hard to be a mom sometimes.