I think we are going to homeschool for the kindergarten year. That gives me time to get the school prepared in a way that will keep Alex safe for his first grade year. The year he will have to eat with the students in the cafeteria. Hopefully I will be able to do a good enough job this year preparing him both¬†academically and emotionally for public school. As much he understands he can’t have peanuts, he doesn’t understand everything about it. For instance, as we prepared for a three-day beach weekend last week, Alex told me we didn’t need his epi-pens because we were only going a few days. Unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth. I tried explaining to him that he needs his epi every he goes. It’s these little things that make me very nervous about sending him to school this year. Hopefully this year at home will prepare the school, me and Alex for first grade next year.