School that is. I have no idea what to do for my son. I have such anguish about how his schooling should be done. Public would give him the most social benefit. Private would give him a better education and home would keep him safest. It sounds logical right? Except that everyone I know is totally opposed to homeschool. Including my husband. I fall asleep at night contemplating our situation. Preschool was easy. There was no lunchroom, no pb & j sandwiches on the menu every day, no peanuts in the classroom. Easy.

Kindergarten, while not a huge deal because he won’t be eating lunch there is still a haven for pb loving kids. Did they have it for breakfast? Is it on their hands? Will someone bring in a pb cupcake for their birthday? It makes me cringe and brings me such anguish.

The only way my decision is going to be made easy is if by some huge miracle he has outgrown his allergy.

If you read my blog, please don’t hesitate to give me your opinion. I’d love to hear it.