Alex’s first year of preschool was started in September 2006 and now here we are on the day of his preschool graduation. I am very pleased to say that with precautions and education he has made it through preschool with no reaction to peanuts!

This year Alex had two teachers. The first one had adopted three siblings the year before and just couldn’t get home life and teaching to jive. I was bummed because she was a great teacher. Anyway, I was talking to her the other day and I mentioned how hard it was going to be for me to send him to school in September and she said “I can imagine it’s scary, I was scared to have him in my class!”. And as long as a teacher has that fear or realization that his allergy is serious I think he will be fine. If a teacher thinks that the peanut allergy is no big deal, well, then, we are in trouble.

So yay for preschool graduation!