We went to a breakfast buffet this morning which is a meal that is kind of hard to bring from home. I called the restaurant and they informed me that they do not use peanut oil and to let the waitress know when I got there and the chef would let us know what foods were safe. Now, normally I would just assume that eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes would be fine at a buffet that does not use peanut oil. They also do not make their desserts in the kitchen which would also make me assume the above would be safe. Well, I was wrong.

The chef came out and told us that the eggs, bacon, sausage and cereal were all peanut-free. The pancakes and french toast sticks however were not. He then said that he had an allergy-free pancake mix he could use to make Alex pancakes. Wonderful! The chef brought out his pancakes and then checked on us several times during our meal to see how things were going. It was so nice. I know that I can never be 100% sure about things when eating out but I felt that this chef was very aware of our situation and did the best that he could to keep our son safe.

A wonderful dining out experience!