This morning Alex awoke to the Easter bunny leaving him a lovely basket that was safe and still fun. Now when I was a child, my basket was filled with candy and I admit that I loved it. Alex’s basket has a few goodies but mostly small gifts. This year though he got a “big” gift. He has really wanted the new Webkinz Wacky Zingoz guy and the Easter bunny came through. To say that he was excited would be putting it mildy. So for anyone interested, this is what his basket consisted of this year:

  • Wacky Zingoz guy
  • Children’s Gardening Gloves (Target)
  • Gardening Shovel (Target)
  • Gardening Rake (Target)
  • Three seed packets
  • Cars brand tattoos (Target Dollar spot)
  • Cars brand magnets (Target Dollar spot)
  • Cars brand wallet (Target Dollar spot)
  • Just Born Marshmallow Peeps
  • Charms Bunny Tail Cotton Candy
  • Three plastic eggs each with three Hershey Kisses
  • One plastic heart filled with Kissables (Valentine candy got at 90% off at Target!)

A pretty nice basket and all perfectly safe for him. I don’t think he really misses the candy since he gets so much other fun stuff. I’m sure as he gets older he’ll get less “fillers” and one or two larger items. I know my kids don’t need a bunch of stuff but it’s fun and I like to see their faces light up. And yes, if you follow this site long enough you’ll learn that I am 100% addicted to Target.