On Saturday night we decided to go out to eat. I usually take Alex’s food and then he can get a Sprite at the restaurant. I called ahead to be sure they don’t use peanut oil because if they did we wouldn’t eat there, my husband and I don’t want to eat anything containing peanuts. All is well, Alex had his hot dog, noodles and green beans brought from home and I ordered chicken quesadillas. When my plate came out there were tortilla chips with it. Alex asked if he could have them and I told him I had to ask who made them first. If they were Snyder’s of Hanover he couldn’t have them because they have a “may contain peanuts” warning on them. The girl who brought our food informs me they are another brand and I let Alex have some. No sooner did he put them in his mouth, our waitress comes back and tells us we were misinformed and she would have to go look at what the real brand was and check the ingredients. Now Alex is upset and panic-stricken because he might have eaten peanuts. It turns out the chips were fine but I think it was another wake-up call for us. It’s hard to trust something or someone when it comes to this allergy. Even if you think you covered your bases there is always a chance someone could be wrong.